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Latest from the Blog

Be Grateful All The Time

Never baffle how life treat you. Some lives in beautiful and gigantic mansions yet don’t have peace. Others have millions and drove luxury cars but lives in fear. Here you are, you don’t have all these but you have your little peace of mind. Let that makes you joyful living soul. If you have peace, […]

Quarantine : Not a joke

People are risking their lifes for our safety, they are all requesting us to stay inside, don’t panic, follow the safety rules. Some would say it isnt much, don’t make a buzz of everthing. We know everything, don’t mind we keep ourselves safe, we do follow these rules. I guess they are right, who are […]

10 Jokes About Different Occupations

It’s been a long time since I had my last funny article about different jobs. Today is April’s Fool and I thought “Why not get a laughter or a giggle from everyone?” Enjoy yourself and I hope I bring at least a smile on your face this midweek! Happy April Fools! 10 Jokes About Different […]

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